Monday, June 27, 2011

against the current...

 So we beat on, boats against the current
born back ceaselessly into the past.
F. Scott Fitzgerald

These images were taken with a Kodak folding camera made in 1935 and a roll of 120 film wedged in with a cut-up pad of sticky notes to hold the film in the center. It's not the quality of the images, the light leaks, the scratches and dust that matter to is the overcoming of inertia and trying...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

spin and twirl

I embrace the rain.
I escape the
shrinking walls,
to soar on damp
passages that
steer me to a
fresh point
of view.
My eyes meet
the eyes of
the homeless,
the lost,
and the guide.
 I become
each one 
in turn.
I wait,
I search,
I follow.
Then aimless
and drifting
I spin and twirl
and lurch forward
toward home.
And there
find solace
in the songs
and whispers
of the

Saturday, June 11, 2011


All was quiet today.
I only heard the sounds 
of my own breathing
a silent, soft inhaling
then a louder
exhale, almost a sigh
as the breath 
left and traveled to
another place.  I know
there were other sounds
of rain and wind and voices
but I shut them all just
 to follow the gasp
and shudder of my own
pant entering my heart
...searching for the
breeze and waiting for the
sound of knowing.