Tuesday, June 30, 2009

mango meditation

the toll of the bell

resonating through my brain

drilling my body into the ground

a cumbersome book clung to my head

and with the next clang

the book opened revealing

a house balanced on my skull

the drilling stopped

my breath slowed

I became aware of my fingers

the peal fading into dusk

the house stood before me

beside it a mango tree

grew strong and tall

with heavy fruit pulling

the branches down low

Namaste, namaste

Saturday, June 13, 2009

sincerely senseless sonnet

sizzling silver summer sandal shines splendidly

scorching sun stifles sweltering seated sticky sunbathers

seriously seeking sustaining serene shade

strange soul- searching sultry soldiers step solidly

stage soloists slide sideways singing silly songs

spectators see slowly setting sun sparkle superbly

suspicious strangers scrupulously stroll sluggishly

suddenly separating sadly

sidewalks shorten, shadows stretch

stars sprinkle shadowy sky

Monday, June 1, 2009

Who Are You?

making grimy mud pies in the dirt

shaping the dark, cool muck

into round compact disks

scoring the top into wedges

with a bent twig

decorating the pies with flowers

totally engrossed in the task

only the breeze as a playmate

until a caterpillar called her name

breaking her reverie

and sending her screaming

across the lawn

looking for her mother

who laughed until tears streamed

down her cheeks

and the young girl kicked her pies

breaking them in pieces

so they could return to the dirt

from which they came.