Thursday, September 23, 2010


No sleep. My mind racing 100 mph. The lump in my throat growing bigger. The knot in my stomach is rising and soon will meet the lump in my throat and cut off my breathing all together.  Heart pounding, head throbbing, eyes refusing to close. Loud claps of thunder fill the room so that there is little space left for anything else. Then it comes...the sound of heavy rain soaking the ground and easing my spirit. Lulling me into sleep and rest and hope for tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

just one...

A tiny trace
The smallest hint
A gossamer allusion
To what was before
 Sends her in swift retreat
To the murky recesses
Of the corner closet
Cradled in shadows
Wrapped in a mantle
Of moonlight
That trickles through
The window and
Presses into the cracks
And crevices filling
The dark sanctuary
With a glimmer of light
Which she grasps
With both hands
As the floor falls
Beneath her and
She floats into the
Starless night sky…