Wednesday, June 22, 2011

spin and twirl

I embrace the rain.
I escape the
shrinking walls,
to soar on damp
passages that
steer me to a
fresh point
of view.
My eyes meet
the eyes of
the homeless,
the lost,
and the guide.
 I become
each one 
in turn.
I wait,
I search,
I follow.
Then aimless
and drifting
I spin and twirl
and lurch forward
toward home.
And there
find solace
in the songs
and whispers
of the


cafe selavy said...

Drifting is never aimless. It will always take you somewhere. As your doctor, I recommend you go with it. It's worked for me :)

Rhonda said...

Thanks for the prescription Doc...I will drift accordingly!

br said...

a beautiful poem.!!!

chaos theory: we can't see the pattern until we get enough distance. :)) I am a drifter, semi-nomadic....I find solace in the most insignificant things. :)) have a nice drift. :))

Rhonda said...

Bea, I've never been very good at drifting but I think I'd like it!! :)

cafe selavy said...

If you like ukes, you'll probably like this site.

Rhonda said...

Thanks CS...a great site!