Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tears by Tiny Dancer

photo©Rhonda Prince

I’ve always wondered
Why tears should only come out of your eyes
And if there’s a secret supply of tears
Hidden away in the back of your head

But if
If tears were stored away in the back of your head
like storage, but with water
A water tower in your head
your brain
And when you cried
the tears would pour out of your
and your
and your ears, too

So I guess it’s a good thing you have tearducts
because if tears came from your
and your
and your ears, too
you would drown
in your tears

And there would be a whole new meaning to the saying
“Drowning in your sorrow”

text©Sadie Gren 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

Than Paper and a Pen by Mervyn Peake

Than paper and a pen
What is there, then
Needed besides
To make the cold ink burn?
Only a leaping brain;
Only the heart's hot tides;
Only the frond of a fern.

In the skull for a feeler,
Touching on pain-
(Neither hurter nor healer)
Touching on joy -
(Nor for love nor for gain)
Touching on all
for its singular stain.