Sunday, June 18, 2017


I felt the silence today.
The deep, dark kind that
Crushes any hope of getting free.
There are those random times
 silence comes with
Radiant light…the peaceful
brilliance that brings comfort.
 But sometimes silence surrounds you like
A glass chamber that isolates you
With only yourself to deal with
No escape, no relief, no reprieve 
Often silence can descend upon you
While you are in a crowd. So can loneliness.
Silence can be evasive when you need it or
Crowd you when you don’t want it at all.
Slippery silence…comes and goes…
Two-edged sword of dark or light…
Comfort or nuisance…craved or scorned
And still we seek it in desperate times
Searching frantically for sweet repose
 Or other times we try to avoid it
Shutting out the silence with
The noise of our distractions and cares.
Accept it as a gift in the somber void of night
Or in the sunlit day. Let it whisper to you its secrets
And welcome the refuge of its lack
when it cannot be found. Secrets can be
revealed there too.