Saturday, October 11, 2014

everyone loves Raymond

I am home again. I went to Florida for my mother's memorial service. I spent a week there enjoying Quality time with my favorite (and only) sister. Loads of tears and laughter, sadness and grief and just being together.

My flight home was a nightmare. It is usually a one and half hour flight. This time fog prevented us from landing and we were diverted to an alternative airport and ended up spending six hours on the plane. But obviously I survived without going into a panic and screaming at anyone.

Today I was determined to write but a refrain kept playing in my head saying how much I don't want to live this life I have now. Finally, I was able to talk back to that negative voice and say this is the life I have now and I am determined to make the best of it and enjoy life as much as I can. There are things to be grateful for...

ok Denise, not profound or humorous as something you could write but.. I did write 3+ sentences is a start.