Wednesday, September 2, 2015 moment at a time

Just a quick and happy update... My three month check-up went well. Cancer has not returned and I can continue, for now, striving to heal and get my life in a perfect, organized blissful state! Hoo-hah!

Actually a friend suggested imagining a celebration of Me! What would that entail? I tend to be shy and reticent...don't like to trouble anyone but if I could I would throw a huge party that would reflect my feelings of happiness and relief when I received this news. Life can be short and often times complicated so moments of peace should be celebrated. I dreamed of my house being in order...the hardwood floors shiny and polished, the dust released from captivity, everything in its place with the sun shining in the spotless windows. And since I am dreaming I would have someone else do all the cleaning!  I saw my friends and family gathering in the sparkling living room on the couch and chairs and others on the porch sipping sangria and snacking on elegant party food. I would serve plump dates stuffed with pecans and then wrapped in bacon and heated to crunchy juiciness. And fruits and hummus and delicious cheeses and rich dips with breads and crackers. And certainly something with shrimp!  The hum of laughter and chatter would fill the air. I would move from group to group sharing some of each topic before moving on. Making sure the plates and glasses stayed full...listening to old rock songs from my past that still bring nostalgia and lightness to the mood. A DVD of Wallace's photos would be available on the television for everyone to see what a brilliant photographer he is. The walls covered with lovely photographs my husband had taken. My sister quoting the Jabberwocky, Agnes dancing with Sarah and Sam making everyone laugh with the sarcastic humour we have all come to love and enjoy. Dan and family would make the trip to join in the merriment.  I, of course, would be taking photos of all my loved ones as we enjoy each other. No talk of daily life or drudgery, only light conversation or deep discussions on the meaning of life! And then chocolate cake or yogurt and figs or some decadent pastry that brings oohs and ahhs as we sink our teeth into sweet treats. For those that can stay late we will refill our glasses and cuddle together in the living room to watch a movie. Munching on leftover food and watching something fun like "O, Brother" or something more melancholy and thought-provoking like, "The Hours".   Then maybe just a few of those I am closest to would stay on talking and sharing the joy right into the night and early morning. Trials and tribulations may return...I expect they will... but for one night it would be good to celebrate Me and life and love!

(For Pam G.) - Its always a good feeling to finish your homework.