Thursday, May 21, 2009

bit of heaven

I think the words to my previous post, Turf, are lost forever. Maybe not, they may reappear on some sleepless night when my soul is in a dark place. But for now they are gone...

And I think I need to expand this blog to include other words....not just poetry because I don't write poetry often enough (and usually only when I'm sad and depressed) but I use words, almost, every day. On Cafe Selavy's blog, a few weeks ago, we agreed upon the univeral truth that children and bubbles are definitely included on the list of beautiful things in the world, a constant even, no matter where you go. I would like to add water to that list too. This afternoon I spent a few pleasant hours watching handicapped children enjoying water play. Their disabilities forgotten in the laughter. Even my own emotional disabilities forgotten for those few blessed moments. I feel calm and peaceful now. A school, in the last few hours before summer, can become a restless, hectic place but outside today in the grass we all found a bit of heaven.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


there were supposed to be words with this but they got lost, somewhere in between and, Mother's Day, sushi, ghee, books on cd, Walmart, garbage, sex, drugs, violence (just joking about the sex part) ... I hope I find them again but you never know...I'm losing a lot of things lately...

Monday, May 4, 2009

press for service

press for service
ask for solace
vanquish woes
offer peace
put in order
ease the torment
find the path
invite serenity
defeat depression
diminish suffering
regain composure
uncover the way