Saturday, June 11, 2011


All was quiet today.
I only heard the sounds 
of my own breathing
a silent, soft inhaling
then a louder
exhale, almost a sigh
as the breath 
left and traveled to
another place.  I know
there were other sounds
of rain and wind and voices
but I shut them all just
 to follow the gasp
and shudder of my own
pant entering my heart
...searching for the
breeze and waiting for the
sound of knowing.


cafe selavy said...

Nice combo, this poem and picture. Perhaps your next book should be called that: "Poems and Pictures."

kkuntze said...

the sound of silence in words and picture. I've enjoyed both...looking and reading.

br said...

great!! am so glad that you are alive and listening to your breathing :))

Rhonda said...

CS: Next book? :)

KK: Thank you, glad you enjoyed!

Bea: sometimes...I hope you are doing the same!