Wednesday, September 1, 2010

just one...

A tiny trace
The smallest hint
A gossamer allusion
To what was before
 Sends her in swift retreat
To the murky recesses
Of the corner closet
Cradled in shadows
Wrapped in a mantle
Of moonlight
That trickles through
The window and
Presses into the cracks
And crevices filling
The dark sanctuary
With a glimmer of light
Which she grasps
With both hands
As the floor falls
Beneath her and
She floats into the
Starless night sky…


cafe selavy said...

Hell of an illusion.

paulboo said...

A most beautiful poem which creates lovely images in the mind, ethereal images :o)
Love the poetic picture too.

Rhonda said...

CS, it was one hell of a night!

Paul, thank you for your imagination that can visualize oh so well! :)

Stars said...

Rhonda....beautiful words & pic! love it!

br said...

a beautiful poem...a fragment of light to clasp!!!

Sarah said...

I love it!! and you!! xoxox