Sunday, October 4, 2009

wild dogs

Enough already
she told me to say.
He said to end my
attraction to the past
and find adventure.
He touched her
pink shirt with
warm fingers of love
and I finally knew
he was where he should be.
Leaving me with the cobbler,
staring at my shoes,
and calculating the cost
before I even asked.
finding what I need while
smoking cigarettes and
drinking whiskey.
the moon coaxing me
to leave myself and
run with the wild dogs,
in search of the lost path.
If you hear my story
cry for me,
smile for me
rescue me...


cafe selavy said...

Great photo. I wish it were mine.

Rhonda Prince said...

I'm kind of excited about that photo. I developed it myself on 20 year old 2475 recording film.

Anonymous said...

so wonderful ...

liesericketts said...

love the photo and the text!

beatriz said...

a wild and wonderful photo. great poem too.

Igor said...

Aha! Thanks to Rhonda I now have Max Reider's blog! Thank you Rhonda :). I want to ask Max what became of that New York people-photographer that I liked so much).

I like your dogs. When are you going to have the exhibition?

Rhonda Prince said...

which photographer was that? An exhibition? ha!