Tuesday, October 6, 2009

this way out

I want to be lost,

adrift in the silence of om,

floundering in peril,

forgetting past blunders,

breaking old patterns,

mystified by the beauty of the puzzle.

I want to love the bewildered,

study their aimless truth,

follow their disoriented paths,

hold tight their hands as we

leap into the baffling rift,

between now and forever.

I want to travel in confusion,

go astray into dark rooms,

where others fear to enter,

to find the secrets of the forlorn,

in the haven of the perplexed.

And there I will find rest.


cafe selavy said...

OK. Your poem is about getting lost, but it is the photo that disorients me. I know it is not a blend. What am I looking at (excuse me, at what am I looking)?

Rhonda Prince said...

It is a puddle and an arrow in a drive-thru line. The reflection is of the building, upside down, of course!

Igor Prawn said...

Hi Rhonda. I've put your blog on my bookmarks list now. Comments to come. Nice to catch you again. (Igor Prawn was going to be my blog, but he never got off the ground).

Philip Coggan

beatriz said...

what an amazing play on perception. thank you!

Philip Coggan said...

Ok Rhonda, I've started my blog, congratulate me. 2 posts so far. Please have a look :)