Sunday, October 18, 2009

Road Trip - Day One

The week before I left was filled with a multitude of signs and omens. My problem was I couldn't decide whether they were telling me to cancel my trip and stay home or leave earlier than I planned in order to escape. The week was filled with emotional drama, financial woes, a trip to the ER for an injured knee, and finally a core-shattering disaster... it was all too much...but plans had been made, people were expecting me..I had to leave. Day one dawned fair and bright and within the first 100 miles I felt such freedom, such fact, I may become a modern-day nomad, living out of my car, traveling for pillar to post seeking my bliss. Yes the problems left behind rose to the surface but I could keep them from drowning me with a myriad of distracting on cd...often opening every window and letting the fresh air blow away the cobwebs...

Thought for the day: I must learn to 'sacrifice my attachment to limitations and illusion...'
(John Major Jenkins)


Igor Prawn said...

Rhonda, your photos are really good, surely you must DO something about this! An exhibition! Don't be shy now :)

cafe selavy said...

Life is a scary business, but you are right--there is always the road. And the beautiful thing is that it runs two ways!