Monday, August 24, 2009

"It's always darkest just before it goes pitch black"

Storm's a' comin'... I can feel it.
My body braced for the
full impact.
I can't control the weather.

All I can do is adjust the thermostat
my head.

So I'm boarding the windows,
battening the
securing the valuables
in preparation
for the squall.
Then again, maybe I should let
it all
blow away in a cyclonic clearing of
the debris...

The gale-force winds could destroy me
allow something new to emerge
from the
The goal and my current mantra
is to
surrender to opportunity...


cafe selavy said...

Emotional weather report. Early Tom Waits. You are a such a helpless (sic) romantic.

No storms, though, please. No storms.

Rhonda Prince said...

I am indeed helpless and hopeless...haven't found the cure yet. Or how to stop storms...

beatriz said...

you are a rare, honest poet. great metaphors and expression.