Tuesday, August 11, 2009

following my own voice

Because I was born so late in life
I am afraid I will never catch up
I will always be running hurriedly
To try and retrieve missed opportunities
But will feel like I am plodding
Taking two steps backward for each
one step forward.
Because I was born too late in life
And will surely never catch up
I must steal the adventures of the
Fearless and live vicariously
Through their exploits and follies
Lamenting the loss of my own life
Finding solace in back streets and alleys
Because I was born late in life
I fear I will never catch up
So I listen for the whispers in the night
Hoping for that one still small voice
That will guide me through the
Twists and turns of this existence
And maybe even sound a little bit like me..


cafe selavy said...

"Because I was born so late in life. . . "

What a great line.

LUMAHO said...

and what a wonderful photo!

beatriz said...

i too was "born" late in life...the achievement is to have been born. :))