Saturday, September 5, 2009


I’m not suited for this.
Maybe some day I will be,
I cannot name the year or time.
Certainly I fear my soul will shun peace
Until that moment breaks.

But if escape offers some reprieve,
I will gratefully embrace its bounty.
I eagerly await its arrival to divert
The yellow noise of distraction
Into the calm blues of flight

I will return to the ample expanse
Where following breath leads to
Quiet void, most excellent and fair.
And finally sends me back to exquisite pain,
The customary price for touching bliss.


cafe selavy said...

A fine elegy to summer.

finesa said...

nice blog :)
may i link you?

Rhonda Prince said...

Yes, Finesa I would be honored. Enjoyed looking at your blog too! :)

beatriz said...

exquisite and painful. nice work!