Monday, July 2, 2007

The way out

All my time
taken by force
given back in
small boxes
each one a
different color
scattered ribbons
on the shoreline
drifting out to sea.

Shadows surround
And conceal the sun
his disguise fools no one
A black coat slips over
the horizon
As the bather
enters the surf
walking slowly
pulling the clouds closer.

Cool and dark
the tide erases the footsteps
every step leads somewhere
each stride obscures the path
silver curtains drawn back
reveal a wooden stage
draped in blue velvet
the yellow moon
smiles and wanes.

Scale the fortress
enter the tower
soft music rises
candles glow
all is forgiven
as the wax flows
onto the sifting sand
sweet surrender
take my hand


Mike Greenberg said...

Nice verbal imagery and economy. And "Old School" is a stunning pic.

beatiz said...

very lovely! and nice to enter your world of words and images.

Anonymous said...

I envy your talent in both poetry and Photography,Tennessee is a beautiful state and your shots depict both the greatness and desolation of all places. Good luck with your site, I plan on visiting as much as work allows. Jeanne Gordon

Alfredo Muñoz de Oliveira said...

superb photo!