Sunday, July 29, 2007

Questions and Answers

When I asked you questions

About matters of the heart

You gave me bitter answers

I didn’t really want to hear.

But still I listened to every syllable

Your face bathed in early morning light

With an audience of song birds

Singing proverbial melodies above your head.

And yet we never get it right

Even with countless chances

Our words pour forth

In perpetual circles of futility.

In spite of everything I know the secret

that will unravel all the mysteries.

It lies somewhere between the stars of Orion’s belt

And the petals of the black-eyed susan.

If you don’t find it there

It just doesn’t exist

Except in sordid back rooms

Where we hesitate to enter.

As your angry replies continue

I know your truth is what I need

If only we could find the answers

Before the sun sets and darkness falls.


Pam said...

Wonderful! Words and picture, both lovely.

Alfredo Muñoz de Oliveira said...

How much more you try to find the much more you will be away from it...beautifull photo!

beatiz said...

the image says it all...but not without the words.
very nice.

Anonymous said...

so beautiful...


Ulf aka Mr Urbano said...

I like your blog Rhonda
the way you combine pictures and words
the Neruda quote

Larry B said...

What a delightful shot this is. Even if there had been no birds, the various lines and angles made by the pole and wires would have been interesting. But pack those lines with birds, and wow! A really beautiful and fun image. (I just hope those aren't starlings). Cheers.