Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sudden Storm

I’ve memorized that afternoon
ceiling fan spinning leisurely
an expectant silence so thick
it filled the small room
then moved next to your chair
tapping you on your shoulder
to make sure you noticed
just how quiet it was.

the approaching tempest startled us both
rain pummeling against the pane
wind ripping through the branches
of the tree right outside our window
the thunder loud and forceful
hammering on the window
to make sure you noticed
just how unruly it was.

after the downpour
the room again fell silent
with no expectations this time
just the kind of stillness
that follows a sudden storm
tightening around your chest
to make sure you notice
just how lonely it is.


Anonymous said...

A wonderful and moving blog, beautiful photos (of course) and profound poetry. I will be returning often. Toby Lloyd-Jones

Pam said...

Rhonda-I love your photos!! I wish you would post more often, I love looking at them. You are so talented!