Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Holiday - Day 1 thru Day 3

And so I traveled to London and Scotland for two weeks to visit my dear friend was every bit as perfect as I hoped it would be, even the situations that didn't go smoothly (like me driving a rental car in Edinburgh) became part of the charm and beauty of the trip.  Some have asked about I thought the easiest way would be to post them here.  Day 1 on Saturday there were no pictures. I was more concerned with arriving. We traveled to central London from Heathrow airport for fish and chips at Hamilton Hall Pub then back to Paul's flat in Enfield.

Day 2 we went back into central London to see the Cult of Beauty Exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum. We also saw an excellent photography exhibit from South Africa.  I snapped away with an Olympus film camera...only to find out later I had forgotten to load film (I blame jet lag and Dramamine) day 2 is recorded in my mind...Day 3, we traveled from London to Edinburgh and spent Monday afternoon and evening exploring there...

The roof of the Scotsman

Greyfriar's Bobby -

Where I had my first taste of haggis


Princes Street Gardens

Edinburgh Castle and Ross Fountain

Waverly Station

Scott Monument


br said...

these are great!!!! glad you took pixs and had a good time! It isn't easy to "get one's feet on the ground" in a new place but you did it well!!!

paulboo said...

And didn't we have a great time up north? Well worth the effort and stress of flying and driving in the big city which you managed extraordinarily well.

Rhonda said...

Bea, I did indeed get my feet on the ground eventually! A wonderful time!!!

Paul, It was indeed worth the effort and stress...we had an amazing time up north! And at least I didn't hit a person with that mirror...or at least I hope it wasn't a person! :)

cafe selavy said...

Looks like a real fun time. Did you take the folding camera?

Rhonda said...

No the holga...don't have those developed yet.