Tuesday, April 5, 2011

inside and out

We had a storm tonight.

the kind that shakes
the foundation of your
house and soul.
Window panes
rattled, lightning
filling the darkness
with bright flashes
of light. The thunder
matched the pounding
in my chest. The heavy
downpour brought the
start of my own tears.
The wind is still
pummeling against the
walls and I no longer
know if the storm is
coming from outside
or inside me.
I sit where you
once were and let
it all wash over me.
Maybe it will make
it all seem real

Or maybe
it will float
to a further distance
where I can hold it
forever in my heart.


cafe selavy said...

I just wrote a comment that I had to delete before I sent. Too dour. But I think the storm is long and real, inside and out. I may begin to call on Madame Sosostris. She wields a mean deck of cards.

Denise said...

I agree with cafe selavy, the storm only stops occasionally for glimpses of blue skies then comes the rain again.

paulboo said...

A beautiful and deeply touching poem Rhonda, love it and the image that accompanies it.

Rhonda said...

CS - you too dour? I can't imagine! Not sure if I'm ready for tarot cards but a Ouija board might be just the thing!

Denise - I guess we have to enjoy the glimpses then!

Paul - Thank you, so glad you love it...it is lucky this picture came out considering the rest of the roll... :)