Saturday, February 26, 2011

as in Rome...

Angels descend on Noah’s Ark
while Curious George gets shot
out of a circus canon. The
man in the yellow hat rescues
him again from disaster.  The
boy’s steel blue eyes, coupled
with an ingenuous smile seem
bent on pursuing salvation on
the edge of a crumbling abyss.

The Christians give him a dollar
and he waits for his turn to
to be thrown to the lions. They
promise the moon but instead
deliver fables and myths that
soothe him briefly. Eight chairs
and a fly on the wall are not
enough to save him from the
hungry beasts sniffing at his heels.

At first the clamor of the
bloodthirsty mob frightens him.
His eyes grow dark, his brow
furrowed. Then he tires of the
noise and lies down, plunging
into deep sleep. Let him have
this peace for now.  Even if he
wakes to more danger his
fitful slumber offers the only
escape he knows.


cafe selavy said...

A hopeful beginning? Spring is in the offing.

Denise said...

If I were him, I would just keep sleeping. Doesn't seem like much to wake up to.

paulboo said...

To sleep and dream is the often the only escape from some of the harsh and mad realities of life, dream on!

Rhonda said...

should mention this poem is for a new student of mine...too many harsh realities for someone this young...

br said...

a brilliant poem!!!

kkuntze said...

I love it.