Friday, November 13, 2009

voices and visions (for Brandon)

Intricate pattern-block designs
In primary hues,
“I haven’t been able to do
this sort of thing for about two years,”
They are not his patterns.
The voices from his past life
channel their creativity
through him.

The hippie jet has no missiles
It comes in peace.
Jesus is on the cross
even though
He is reincarnated, no
that’s not right…resurrected.

The butterfly becomes a rabbit
when there is nothing small
Enough to make the antennae
Look at the girl in a dress,
Bees sting, lions roar…
It just comes to him from
A place we cannot touch.

It has to be 720 because there
must be three digits
And then multiplied by 8
Can’t you see the puzzle?
Look inside the box this time
Because hexagons go on forever…


beatriz said...

a great photo! you've pulled together an amazing text of a person's thoughts, streaming consciousness, and ideas. great work!

cafe selavy said...

Of course you'd find this conundrum on Friday the 13th!