Thursday, November 26, 2009

your voice

In my dream I was navigating uncharted territory,
totally susceptible to the influence of the full moon.
 In a small vessel floating through tainted waters,
I heard echoes of your voice and what you once said to me.
I tried to follow your voice in the distance but I can’t reach you.
Maybe you’re not there; it’s only your words shattering my soul.
 My boat takes me far out in to the crystal ocean, still and calm.
 Your song has ended but I hear moonbeams floating on the waves,
and the soft pleas of all the lost begging to be found.
I wait in my tiny vessel. I wait for time, I wait for change,
I wait…


cafe selavy said...

Beautiful photo to accompany your writing. Happy Thanksgiving, R.

beatriz said...

luscious, rich, romantic imagery ....absolutely exquisite. i would like to see a book of your photos and poems...they are so worthy of publication.

Igor Prawn said...

Rather melancholy. I agree with beatriz, the poems and images could make a good book.

Anonymous said...

such a beautiful poem.