Saturday, June 13, 2009

sincerely senseless sonnet

sizzling silver summer sandal shines splendidly

scorching sun stifles sweltering seated sticky sunbathers

seriously seeking sustaining serene shade

strange soul- searching sultry soldiers step solidly

stage soloists slide sideways singing silly songs

spectators see slowly setting sun sparkle superbly

suspicious strangers scrupulously stroll sluggishly

suddenly separating sadly

sidewalks shorten, shadows stretch

stars sprinkle shadowy sky


cafe selavy said...

so silly

some slippers

suddenly seen

Rhonda Prince said...

yes was just one of those kinds of days (and nights) that it seemed like a perfectly rational thing to do last night!

beatriz said...

a very ssss-groove you found. cool that you caught the sandal phonemes...and slid with it. :))