Wednesday, April 8, 2009

walk this way

(written for browland's blog: visual organisms)

The earth moved today,

just slightly, a tiny jump

forward in the universe.

Enough to shake the

foundations and send

the moon crashing

into the ocean.

Fortunately she was sitting

on the edge of the galaxy,

balanced on the north star

when the shift occurred,

sparing her the upheaval

it would’ve caused

But tonight she will feel

the effects of the day,

pulling her further into the

dark rift of the Milky Way

and leaving her tired and lifeless

as she sits inside her room.

Somewhere a child cries,

a thousand golden teardrops;

windows shatter,

leaving glass scattered in the yard;

the rains fall,

drowning out all sound but it’s own

And the hunger moon looms on the horizon.


cafe selavy said...

But tonight's moon is the Pink or Egg or Fish or Sprouting Grass moon, a moon to nourish the child (within?).

Rhonda Prince said...

I know, I know...wrong moon but I liked the sound of hunger moon better. Happy Easter! Be nourished!

Me said...

I like this poem...

Rhonda Prince said...

It means a lot to me when you like a poem! Thank you!

beatriz said...

an amazing poem....thank you for sharing it. !