Thursday, March 3, 2016

Visions and Dreams

Visions and Dreams, Georgia 2013 ©Rhonda Prince

I remember your visit.
Feels dreamlike and distant now.
It happened on an overcast day,
with the gentle hint of rain
hanging in the breeze.
I sat in a darkened room,
surrounded by doubt,
blinds drawn, thoughts
gloomy and somber,
trying to find relief.

But you slipped in my heart,
Like a skeleton treading softly,
Out of my crowded closet,
in a hushed calm,
dripping with the residue
of memory and sorrow.
In quiet and tranquil tones,
you whispered
the secrets of the
universe in my ear.

Then wrapping a magic cloak
around my shoulders
You led me into the mist.
And showed me the
messages in the clouds,
the writing on the wall,
and the dark caves and flowered fields
where one can escape
from the ceaseless onslaught
of life and fear.

You asked me to explore
 to find serenity and peace.
Yes, I know you will leave soon
And I will feel the loss.
I will probably lose my way again.
And again. But each time I
Will wait for your visit to
Bring me back to
paths to follow that
lead to silence.

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Denise said...

I thought you said this wasn't one of your good ones! I think its brilliant.