Saturday, June 8, 2013

Monsters and other gremlins

He stared out of the car window with empty black eyes.
He thumped a beat with ashen fingernails on the glass
Though his gaze was vacant, his mind was absorbed,
studying his subject, calculating his next move.

He wondered when she would stop driving
And running and scattering herself to the wind.
If his aim was true he would defeat her by morning.
And if not then she should know he was legion,
he was not alone and there were a multitude of others
to take his place at her side. 

 He wondered why she bothered
and when she would realize his efforts could not be squelched.
He had been alive for countless years and his victories
were myriad.  And yet she continued to run from him,
believing his horrific countenance made him a monster
of the worst kind. His pallid skin covered with odd
protuberances and inflamed boils frightened many away.  

Somehow he thought she would be different,
more understanding, more accepting but no…
She too ran away instead of embracing what
he had to offer her. As he contemplated her fate
and what must come next, she drove off the road
hurtling the car into a deep ravine.

 As he climbed out of the shattered car and stumbled
 through the broken glass and twisted metal he chuckled 
 in a deep raspy voice and watched the sun slide slowly
 behind the horizon.


Denise said...

Totally amazing poem. I wonder what was your inspiration.

Rhonda said...

a dream...a seemingly all night dream about monsters...woke up with a migraine!

paulboo said...

There are many monsters out there, too many and most not so easily seen!