Saturday, January 1, 2011


 As I drifted off to sleep
the sounds of the incoming
New Year kept me awake.
I lay counting the gentle
raindrops that began to fall
Sirens, thunder, fireworks,
then hard, heavy rain
pounding furiously; the
drops too numerous to
count.  Floating in and
out of sleep while bits of
dreams flashed…
a wink, a kiss,
a million fireworks…
through it all there
came the plaintive
cry of a frightened
animal pleading
to be rescued.


The Graduate said...

Sounds like my new years eve only the frightened animal was me.

cafe selavy said...

In the end, their is not rescue, of course. Chilling.

paulboo said...

It is indeed a chilling end to a rather pretty poem at the start, life is like that sometimes.

br said...

sharing dream sleep alpha state with an animal. !!! great!