Saturday, November 6, 2010

Open the door

Almost all the doors in my house are these kind of doorknobs and regularly I am unable to open doors because the doorknobs fall off into my hands when I try. This happens with my oven door as well. Could be a metaphor...could be the person that put them on didn't do a very good job....I tend to try to make everything into a metaphor or have meaning...but I do know love won't open my doors, it takes a screwdriver.



cafe selavy said...

Are they original doorknobs, the kind that have begun turning yellow and blue? Hand color that photo. I swear.

Rhonda said...

and you're going to teach me how?

paulboo said...

Have screwdrivers, will travel :o)

Pete is good isn't he? :-]

Rhonda said...

traveling screwdrivers...could be a new career!

Pete is good but I doubt if he fixes doors!