Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Rode the elevator seven floors down
And walked outside to palm trees
And cool breezes.
There was a bus there waiting for me
Inside the bus were donkeys
And elephants
And dainty ballerinas stretching and
I started to leave until a hand reached out and touched my arm
I turned to find a man who looked
Like Bob Dylan but told me his name was Jose.
He led me to a seat beside him
We rode in silence ignoring the circus animals
And their wild commotion.
At a park the bus stopped and let
Jose and I exit leaving the noise
And smells behind
We walked to a bench and sat across
From each other.
His brown eyes held the weight of the world
But his voice transported me to a quiet place
Where I could breathe
He asked if he could help me, ease my burden,
Calm the tumult in my soul
I smiled and asked him if he had the credentials to perform such magic.
He laughed at my innocence and told me
All he could do was be there and
Watch me spin into the wind and
Minister to my wounds when I tumble and fall.
I thanked him and said that would do just fine
Until I learned to catch the wind
And soar on my own.
The bus returned and took us back
To where we had begun.
I left the unruly circus crowd and my friend
Jose to ride the elevator back up the seven
Floors to where I lived. The doors slowly opened
And I walked outside to face the storm.


cafe selavy said...

You have burdens? I love this photograph!

Rhonda said...

CS: doesn't everyone? glad you like the photo!

Sarah said...

So.... Did the poem inspire the picture, or did the picture inspire the poem, or neither? Or both? :) Great poem!! xoxoxox

Rhonda said...

Which came first the chicken or the egg? The poem came first then I found a picture in the archives that I thought might fit. Thank you dear! :)

Denise said...

I read this and I think or God or higher power whatever you believe and it looks like Bob Dylan. I like that thought.