Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bessie Smith Strut - 2010


Mr Urbano said...

Such a fine report
My compliments Rhonda of bringin the event alive!

Rhonda Prince said...

Thank you Mr. Urbano! It is a lively event.

paulboo said...

If not street performers exactly there are at least many performances in most of these street scenes.
The preacher against the demon drink is nicely placed after the liquor store banner, interesting.
Love the dapper chap in the very white suit strumming his guitar, I like his turned up trousers mostly, something endearing about that for some reason!? Phone man is intriguing and I'm so glad I'm not there to sample that food, seems like there's about 1 million calories in every bite - delicious!!
Not sure what to think about the poster installation on the building, fascinating though as are the shadows after that. The last three are just fabulous and magical.