Monday, May 3, 2010

under his wing

The man she used to love
stood outside her window
offering tea and oranges.
 He wrote a message
on the back of a maple leaf
ripping it from the tree
and letting the wind take
It from his fingers.
The same message was
written in braille on his
wrist and all she had to
do was take his hand
and touch the words
with her fingertips.
Instead she let her hand
rest on the smooth
bodhi seeds and glide
past the turquoise bead.
She felt the words enter her
heart and  take hold
growing wings and flying
out of her chest…out of the window…
past the man she used to love
and finally soaring up toward
grey clouds and
disappearing forever.


cafe selavy said...

I've been looking at the flooding around your area. I hope you are O.K.

Rhonda Prince said...

Yes I am okay. Thanks!

paulboo said...

Beautiful poem Rhonda, it does what poems do, conjure up images in the mind; in this case quite amazingly vivid ones :o)
A perfect picture to accompany it too, I enjoyed this post Rhonda.

Rhonda Prince said...

if I conjured up vivid images for you then I am happy! so glad you enjoyed it!

Igor Prawn said...

Not bad. (Change to just "tea and oranges" - the line is too long, "...and oranges" looks odd stuck out there on it's own, and you'll get the Len Cohen reference in there). As Paulboo sort-of says, it has a Cohenesquishness about it.

Rhonda Prince said...

Okay...I'll try your edit. It was only going to be milk and tea but I guess Cohen slipped in somehow as that is what I've been listening to day and night! :)