Saturday, January 23, 2010


I took a deep breath,
And in the sacred moment between taking in breath
And letting it out,
I searched for a tiny bit of silence.  
Seeking that one infinitesimal second that
miraculously holds
The entire universe in a diminutive space…
But there was something missing.
Something out of kilter, something askew.
I turned in rage against those to blame
For its absence.
I found many to reproach for being
Inept and careless.
They had ruined my peace and
Must be held accountable.
And when they had been reprimanded soundly
I sent them on their way and out of my life.
I was sure I would find the harmony I needed.
But there was always one person left.
No matter how severely I accused her
She was still there…repentant and sorrowful,
begging for absolution…
I don’t think she’s going away.
She may be the one that was
Sent to save my life or for me to
Save hers.
So we simultaneously breathe and hope and let go
in silent contrition.


cafe selavy said...

been basking in my thought crime

Rhonda Prince said...

so have I...

paulboo said...

so have I, a good thing they can't arrest you for it - not yet anyway!!