Thursday, July 16, 2009

mango meditation II or the Tibetan Singing Bowl Strikes Again

The silence was swirling

around my head like smoke.

There was no movement

except for the branches

of the tree swaying slightly

in the breeze

I reached to pull a piece

of fruit off the tree

when suddenly a mad goose

began pecking at my feet

He was fiercely attacking

my ankles and legs.

I tried to step away.

But every turn brought him


I fed him red clover and stroked

his feathered head.

He ran away to fight other battles

leaving me in silence again.


cafe selavy said...

You should know the dangers of pulling fruit from trees by now. But. . . of course.

Rhonda Prince said...

I'm afraid I'll never learn...

Anonymous said...

not easy to understand ... but I understand your image ... very fine.

beatriz said...

i am stunned by the beauty of this poem. fabulous, emotive, surreal.