Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wisdom Unshrugged

Working in the dark,

Nothing is clearly visible

I fail to give adequate consideration to that which matters most

I’m afraid I’ll just have to start over in the morning

But indecision can be fatal

And needs must be met before first light

It always seems that night lasts much longer than the daytime

I’ve never known how to wait for the right moment

So I rush forward to fill the ocean

With appropriate amounts of passion and fervor

Accomplishing each ordained task while others sleep and dream

Hoping it is enough to satisfy the gods…


Me said...

This poem is splendid right up to fill the ocean - the ending lines don't feel quite as powerful and don't carry quite so much punch.

Just wrote the rough draft of the first poem I've written in a long time.

BTW I would love for you to look at this photo (which will probably not make an appearance on my blog).


Rhonda said...

You're probably right, I have a tendency to post rough drafts and then work on them online...

I couldn't get to the photo, why don't you send it to my email:


Thanks for dropping by!

Toby Lloyd-Jones said...

As ever, I read your blog and feel somehow refreshed; your words are good for my soul.