Monday, June 23, 2008

potted plant

He turned me upside down

and began to pull at my roots,

in a cruel and forceful fashion.

I felt the tiny tendrils rip and shred,

I lay exposed and bare,

my foliage bruised and torn.

He pressed me into a larger vessel.

spreading my damaged roots in fresh soil.

anointing me with water and sunlight.

I sit in the east window now,

looking out through clouded panes,

learning to grow again.


cafe selavy said...

This is a lovely photograph. Glad you are posting more often.

beatriz said...

wonderful..the foto and the poem. love it.

Me said...

I would take the word heart out of the poem, it decreases the impact of the strength in the rest of the poem.

The photo is, of course, immaculate.